Dry January

Dry January

19th January 2021

Dry January at Blandy's

Dry January is the New Year's Resolution that is sweeping the nation and building in popularity each year. According to 'Kantar', “A recent Lightspeed survey found that 17% of the UK (20% of men and 14% of women) intended to take part in ‘dry January’ in 2019.” There are so many reasons for this including losing weight, saving money and resetting their bodies. However, the health benefits should not be ignored. Especially given the recent pandemic, a popular benefit is boosting your immune system to help you through the winter months.

According to 'Self', “When it comes to your immune system, the snowball effect of positive health habits may be more influential than just abstaining from alcohol. While 'Koob' suggests that, 'Being intoxicated can acutely suppress immune function, making you more vulnerable to pathogens, while chronic drinking can lead to inflammatory reactions throughout the body. While there isn't data to suggest that ditching booze can protect you from the flu, it's reasonable to assume that drinking less, sleeping more, and exercising more can all have a positive influence on your immune system.”

If you’re thinking of going 'dry' this January, we've got some helpful tips for you:

• Go for a non-alcoholic beer, if you enjoy a lager. Many major producers offer bottled varieties and the qualities are increasing each year.

• If you like wine, try a sparkling water or non-alcoholic wine. While there are not nearly as many options, the flavour has improved over the years.

• Switch to mocktails that uses fresh fruit juices. They’ll taste just as sweet without the health effects.

• Best of all, plan to attend events where drinking is uncommon. Live sporting events and church outings are good options.

• Finally, tell a trusted friend that you’re taking the pledge before you dive in. They can support you if the going gets tough and keep you accountable.

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